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The NFT Avatar Character Clubhouse for BAYC's "Otherside" Metaverse!

What is MetaPals?

Metapals is an NFT collection of high-resolution digital characters that will be able to convert to avatars in Bored Ape Yahct Club’s “Otherside” and future metaverses.

Our characters will have pass level property trait to identify the avatars rank with the idea to give higher rank avatars more access to any future clubhouse, entertainment, events, contest, and wearables that MetaPals does inside the Otherside and other metaverses. Accessories such as rings, watches, necklaces, hats, sunglasses, earrings and custom clothing will primarily make up the rarities that will be associated with pass levels. The reason for the characters pose is so they will be metaverse ready files that will be able to convert the files to playable avatars and support wearables inside the game.

Holders of the 4,458 Metapals passes will be able to mint these NFTs characters for free and receive character associated with the pass rank. View on Opensea

Another 5,542 characters will be available for public mint with a random chance of any pass level and traits. ETH price TBD.

Decentraland Map

Coordinates: -118, -28

Check out our MetaPals NFT Clubhouse in Decentraland located at -118, -28. Join our Discord for announcements on club meetups and collect free Decentraland wearables!

Our Pass Levels

4,458 passes currently held by Metapals holders. Up to 5,542 will be available for public mint starting with the remaining 215 VIP passes. Price to be determined.


Passes held:


Passes held:


Passes held:


Passes held:


Passes held:

Note: All sapphire and emerald passes will be able to convert to a gold level avatar under the pass levels.

Our Future

Our focus is primary on the Otherside. We will use funds of public sale to finance develop a social clubhouse with entertainment that only members can access in the Otherside metaverse. With enough funds raised, we would like to make our NFT dynamic to have the ability to add traits such as adding weapons, wearables and other accessories. Until Otherside goes live, we will be doing Decentraland meetups and be giving away wearables at the MetaPals NFT Clubhouse located in the Fashion District at -115, -26.

Disclosure: There will be an Otherside avatar conversion fee. We do not know the cost to convert the characters into playable avatars until the "ODK" (their version of SDK) is out next year so we know all wearable minting cost details. However, our approach sets the project up to mint our collection into playable avatars at competitive rates.

Meet Our Team

Nick Clifton

Creator & Founder of MetaPals

12 Years Real Estate Development (50+ House Flips and Subdivision Developments), 10 Years of Realty, ETH Miner from 2017-2021, NFT Nerd 2021 - Present


Head of Marketing


Creative Director & Community Manager


Community Manager